1. By making a purchase you agree to these terms and conditions.
  2. Jacoby Rugs Ltd is a Scottish company and Scots law applies at all times.
  3. All descriptions (including sizes and origins) of the rugs are accurate to the best of our knowledge, but this cannot be guaranteed to be 100% correct at all times.
  4. If the rug is delivered to you damaged, please photograph the outer packaging showing the damage before you open it and contact us for assistance.
  5. We cannot guarantee when the rugs will be dispatched and delivered to you- we will aim to be as efficient in processing your orders as possible.
  6. All rugs can look differently under various lighting (and on different devices) conditions so the colours of the rugs may appear different than on our website.
  7. We will not compensate you for: inconvenience caused by delayed or cancelled orders, damage or injury caused by the delivery party or our rugs, time you need to take to return a product if you choose to do so.
  8. All statutory laws apply regarding distance selling, the right to change your mind, return and all other aspects of us selling our products to you.
  9. If the goods you receive are found to be faulty, we will in first instance try to repair the damage. If it cannot be repaired we will replace the item or refund the money.
  10. We will not be able to issue refunds or replace items which have been damaged or affected by wear or improper use.
  11. The cost of returning items will be covered you.
  12. If an item is marked as damaged then by buying it you accept its condition as stated by us and no refunds or replacements will be issued.