Qashqai Kilim 151×104 (4’11″x3’5″)


Origin: Iran

Age: New

Size: 151cm by 104cm

Size 4ft 11in by 3ft 5in

Materials: 100% wool

Handmade: YES

Type: Kilim, this rug has no pile, it’s flat-woven

Colours: Red, Blue, Cream, Yellow

Design: Geometric

A flat-woven kilim rug made by Qashqai nomadic tribes, typically featuring geometric design and bold blue, red and cream colours

Other rugs of this type are available, but as they are all made by nomadic tribes and not organised manufacturing operations they are all very individual and different.

Other sizes are available too including runners, small rugs and very large rugs and carpets.

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Small (between 122cm/4ft and 183/6ft long)

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